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Quick Fixes: Long Live the Sandwich!


It’s so beautifully simple…

Since its humble beginnings when the Earl himself told a maid to slap some meat between two pieces of bread so he wouldn’t have to stop playing cards to eat, the sandwich has come a long way.

Think about it –

  • If done right, this culinary masterpiece can be an entire meal in one hand.
  • If done well, its hearty, healthy, and delicious.
  • For new vegans (especially those of you who haven’t yet learned to make more complex veg. meals), it can keep you from starving to death while you’re learning.

Given my very painful fitness injury earlier this week, I’ve pulled this sucker out of my repertoire twice & it’s only Wednesday.  First up was a double burger patty rendition (see it up there ^?), followed yesterday by an open faced ‘meatloaf’ version. [Dude seriously, I HATED meatloaf as a kid, but I have got to share this vegan version I’ve come up with. I think you’ll really like it!]

Here are a couple of tips for healthy vegan sandies for you newbis out there:

1.  Easy on the sauces, heavy on the veg. Yeah, Vegenaise is good, but too much of a good thing can suck for your health.  Since you’re new to this, take some time to experience the flavors of the new food you’re trying in your sandwiches before you drown them out with mayo.  Not only that, but there are plenty of other tasty sauces you can use to dress up your eats.  Try mixing a little balsamic vinaigrette into your mayo, or forgetting it all together & adding some guacamole or pesto instead.

2.  White bread is so 90s. Seriously, most of us are well past our WonderBread days.  Plus, we’ve all heard about the lack of nutritional value in super-processed foods.  Bring your sandwich to an adult level by adding some sophisticated whole grains to the party.  My choice? Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread. I promise you, this stuff makes me wanna sing hallelujah…like, seriously.

3.  Shake it up! If you’re eating the same sandwich toppings all the time (while you polish your cooking skills, of course), it’s going to get boring fast!  Try different tastes/flavors to vary your tastebudinal (yeah, I know) experience. Think about your favorite foods…how can you incorporate those flavors and textures into your next one-hand meal?  Experiment with different proteins…tofu & deli slices aren’t all there is to the sandwich world!  One of my personal faves is a vegan ‘tuna’ salad made from chickpeas.  Variety is the spice of life, and a key to sticking to your new way of eating!

Are you a sandwich fan?  What’s your favorite?  What tips would you offer new vegans in the art of sandwich-making?

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